Gene Call, the creator of Jolt! marketing has helped grow many Los Angeles small businesses. Now it's your turn. Take a look at his successes on LINKEDIN.

Gene CallGene Call has always been fascinated  as well as passionate about growing businesses faster. He is fortunate to have been propelled by entrepreneurial octane very early in his business career. He realized that to succeed on his own, he had to continually get smarter about how business is generated, sustained and maintained.

Gene has merged his theatrical, ad agency, marketing and sales skills into an unusual mix of successful businesses.

To date he has personally created 9 business startups in Los Angeles including: four retail stores, a mail-order business, The Word Of Mouth Marketing Training and Consulting Co., a bookcover company, a social network, a picture book documentary and the Entertainment Industry Organization (E.I.O.). Each one unique in its own way.

He was first employed at several prominent New York advertising agencies as a creative assistant and copywriter. Later, at his first sales position, he represented a well-known, highly respected international company. As a copywriter his creativity earned several industry awards. As both sales representative and eventually sales manager, Gene became so adept at generating business, he was selected by the YPO to attend the Harvard Managerial Grid School.

Gene's businesses have been featured in Newsweek, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, NBC and numerous trade journals.

"Keeping up with new media trends is one of my top priorities. I am personally committed to mastering the many nuances of Social Networking. At the same time, I encourage our clients to do the same."

As always, Gene continues to nurture and cultivate his relationships with talented marketing professionals who form the core of Jolt! business development. He is currently exploring his next business success.

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